CleanHandlers 2.4

Easily tweak Autoplay menu in Windows


  • Helps you repair and customize Autoplay entries


  • No clear way to restore any changes you make

Not bad

The Autoplay feature in Windows awakens two contrasting feelings: either you find it really useful or you hate it so much that you never use it.

No matter on which side you are, you can always improve the way this Windows tool works with CleanHandlers, a small standalone app (no installation required) that scans the Autoplay file associations and detects any problem that may affect the way this feature works.

This includes, for example, links to apps that are no longer installed on your system or blank Autoplay menus.

The program shows a basic report in plain text after analyzing the system and lets you fix any found issue on the spot.

What's more, you can delete certain Autoplay entries if you don't want this menu to appear every time you plug your digital camera or insert a CD.

However, make sure you know what you're doing before actually deleting any association, as though there's certain ways to undo these changes, CleanHandlers doesn't include any tool to restore associations from the program itself.

CleanHandlers lets you tweak the way Windows Autoplay works, though it should be handled with care by novice users as there's no easy way to roll back changes.

When you right-click a CD drive or any removable drive and choose Properties, the AutoPlay tab lists all the AutoPlay Handlers for each Event.

In some cases, an orphaned entry might appear there, as a result of incomplete uninstall of a software (such as Music match Jukebox, Nikon View etc).

CleanHandlers helps you remove the invalid entries from the listing. In addition, this utility can find invalid AutoPlay entries and also remove them automatically.



CleanHandlers 2.4

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